Payroll Services

Payroll Services Saskatoon, Canada

Payroll refers to the list of employees in a company and money they are to be paid. I develop and implement a customized payroll services for your company according to your need and budget. I ensure the regulation of financial services and filings are followed to fulfill regional guidelines. You don’t need to worry about penalties for paying late.

I will not only help you in saving your time but also help in the management of IT cost, minimize your governmental load and also maintain acquiescence. My payroll service will help you in reducing your operating expenses as much as possible and organize your payroll with my experience.

What I do?

  • Pay employees

In my “payroll services” I will create a list of your employees, salaries, wages, deduction, gross pay, bonus paid to them, withheld the tax and will also, generate payslips, T4s – an informational slip showing the amounts employees have earned, withheld and remitted.

I will take care of all your employees’ salary and taxes by paying them on time on your behalf by your preferred payment option. And before completing the final transaction I will ensure to review to avoid errors.

  • File payroll liabilities:

I will report your employees’ taxes, liabilities like the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), and Employment Insurance (EI) by the deadline of your company each month to avoid penalties.

  • Manage ROEs

I will manage ROE of your employees according to ROE web agreement.

Give me a call at 306-270-6753, send me a text or email to avail my payroll service and I’ll manage all aspects of your payroll. Let’s connect and get started on our relationship now.