My services can be as basic as entering receipts or as progressive as cash flow management. I offer payroll processing services, accounts receivable/payable monitoring and/or doing those transactions for you, personal tax filings, and cash flow forecasting. I work with restaurants, retail stores, non-profits, sole proprietors, and small to medium sized corporations. Together we can design a package specific to your needs.

I do not charge an hourly rate, and here’s why. The biggest issue with hourly billing is you have no idea how much the job will be until the bill is received. I don’t think that is fair on you. I think you deserve to know in advance how much the job will cost and what it entails. As a modern & progressive bookkeeper, I work with my clients to develop a package specifically tailored to their needs resulting in a fixed monthly price based on those needs.

That’s the beauty of hiring me, you don’t need any. I have a system in place that is so streamlined you will never have a shoebox of receipts to sort come tax season again. In fact, filing taxes will seem so easy you will wonder why you didn’t do this sooner.


I am a certified Proadvisor with Quickbooks Online, and a program partner with Hubdoc, Ceridian and Cashflow Tool. These are the programs I have incorporated into my practice. Using and being proficient in these programs, I can cater to you.

It allows the business owner to make educated decisions about their business so they work smarter not harder in their business.


Generally speaking, past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior, it works the same with your money. How much money you had in the past, can reasonably predict how much money you will have in the future. This is a high-level definition, but to break it down Cashflow forecasting can measure specific indicators such as; How long it takes for your clients to pay you? How long do vendor bills sit on your books? It can answer questions for you such as; Can I afford to hire an employee? Can I afford to purchase x and if so, when?  These are just a few examples to describe what Cashflow forecasting is and how it can be used.

Short answer, No.

Long answer, if you have an accountant that you are comfortable with, I am more than happy to collaborate with them at year need to ensure your numbers are filed correctly on your tax return. If not, I’d be happy to refer you to a couple of accountants I work with regularly.

It is a common perception in the industry that accountants file taxes and bookkeepers record numbers to give to the accountant. That’s not to say that some accounting firms don’t do both because some do. However, that being said, the bookkeeper is working in your file on a monthly basis, sometimes daily, so they know exactly what is happening at any given time with your numbers. A bookkeeper can provide services that go beyond recording numbers, such as collections and payables and even going so far as to do those transactions for you. A bookkeeper can advise on your tax filing requirements, ie. GST, PST and LCT and take care of filing for you so you never miss a deadline. A bookkeeper can put together historical trends and report those trends to you.  These are just a few examples of what bookkeepers do that accountants might not incorporate into their service plans because their focus is on the year end, not the daily or monthly services.