Cash Flow – Empowering Business Owners!

Does cash matter in your business? Ever wonder how many days it takes to get paid from your customers? 

Who am I?

Born and raised in small town Saskatchewan, I learnt the value of community and helping others, I take pride in knowing family and friends can depend on me. I am a wife, mother and true to my sign of being a Virgo. I like process, and procedures which is why I love bookkeeping. I’ve spent many years searching for my true self, and one day I was reading what it meant to be a Virgo. I’m not spiritual by any means, but I do believe in the meta physical to a degree that I possess those exact traits. A light bulb turned on and I now knew who I was. From there was the easy part, finding a career to match those traits. That’s where bookkeeping came in, I fell into it a few years ago when my brother asked me to learn Quickbooks to help with his new business. Within weeks I was hooked and my business was born.