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Tax Preparation
Sep 17 2018

Money isn’t rocket science

My financial guru has always been Gail Vaz Oxlade. I love, love, love her! Her no-nonsense approach to money management, is quite frankly the best, in my opinion. Her slogan is “Money isn’t rocket science”, she’s right, the science is our human behavior of how we manage our money.  I was sad when she retired

Small Business Bookkeeping Services Canada
Sep 11 2018

Bookkeeping Practices for Dealing with Bad Debt

When you extend credit to a customer who fails to make good on their obligation to pay you, that loss of income becomes a bad debt. Most bad debt happens because a client has run into financial trouble. But regardless of the reason for it, a certain amount of loss is to be expected when

Tax Preparation Saskatoon
Sep 11 2018

Why it’s Never Too Soon to Start Planning Next Year’s Tax Return

Filing your business taxes correctly and on time is a must. But some entrepreneurs are ready to move beyond these basics and take a more proactive approach to next year’s return. Whether that means becoming more knowledgeable about your individual tax situation, or adopting a new planning strategy, it’s never too soon to get started.