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About Us

My financial guru has always been Gail Vaz Oxlade. I love, love, love her! Her no-nonsense approach to money management, is quite frankly the best, in my opinion. Her slogan is “Money isn’t rocket science”, she’s right, the science is our human behavior of how we manage our money.  I was sad when she retired from both television and print a couple of years ago, but alas, all the great ones have to retire sometime.  I realize there are many authors who offer similar advice, such as Dave Ramsey, Richard Kiyosaki, to name a couple.  I know they are just as educated and advise on the same money management principles as Gail, their books are top sellers, they tour and have websites with blogs and all, but my heart is with Gail.  I’ve read her blogs, books, watched all her TV shows (more than once), it used to be my daily morning routine to sit with my cup of coffee for 10 minutes to read her daily posts.  My favorite was her “This and That” edition, where she answered general questions from readers. She’s awesome! Seeing her in person a couple years ago was a treat. Until recently, I didn’t realize just how much I absorbed her advice all these years. Truth be told, I can attribute one of my reasons for becoming a bookkeeper to Gail’s’ approach to money management.

Why are we different?

  • High-skilled team with over 15 years of experience in management
  • Strong partnerships with international agencies
  • Focused on delivering results
  • Helping local small business reaching their goals
  • Complete service including fundamental analysis, market analysis, sector analysis, stock selecting and portfolio management.
  • Helping you define your business goals and steps to achieve them

Our Team